All our projects

All our projects

Robert Ashley [And The Theatre Of Voices]

A Liquid Room with Contrechamps

2 events


Timeless soul music for the Winter solstice. Meskerem Mees, Lore Binon, JL Fafchamps

10 events


Georges Aperghis and more

1 event

Belgian Music Days

Jung, Emmery, Verlaak, Slinckx

1 event & 1 article

The Waves [Noé Soulier]

Choreography by Noé Soulier

30 events

FEAT. ‘Pony Says’

(Festival ECLAT, Stuttgart)

1 event

Ghost Trance Music | ANTHONY BRAXTON | Rosas Toolbox

Anthony Braxton. A project run by Kobe Van Cauwenberghe and the Rosas Toolbox Team

2 events


An opera by Simon Steen-Andersen

2 events & 1 article


Nocturnal vocal chamber music

7 events

Joanna Bailie: 1979

New work for ensemble and electronics in space

6 events & 1 article

Professor Bad Trip [revival 2023]

Fausto Romitelli in Venice

2 events & 1 article

Forces in motion (with Brussels Philharmonic)

Brussels Philharmonic joins Ictus: the orchestra explodes!

2 events

Holding Present [Ula Sickle]

Amanda Barrio Charmelo, Marina Delicado, Marie Goudot, Ruben Martinez Orio, Michael Schmid, Mohamed Toukabri, Tom Pauwels & Ula Sickle

7 events & 1 article

The Rise (Reiter / Vandevelde)

*Who can say what the world is? The world  is in flux, therefore unreadable, the winds shifting,  the great plates invisibly shifting

5 events

Child of Light

Vivier, Grisey, Medeksaite, Tjøgersen   |   with Brussels Philharmonic, Ilan Volkov, Lore Binon, Caspar Langhoff

2 events

PREY [Kris Verdonck & Annelies Van Parys]

Kris Verdonck, Annelies Van Parys, Katelijne Damen, Anna Clare-Hauf, Mooni Van Tichel

2 events


1 event

Sound & Body [revival 2024]

For kids only. Sarhan, Filidei, De Mey, Appelbaum, Pauwels.

2 events

Proverbs [at Musica Festival]

Ives, Reich, Bryars

1 event

O Sentimental Machine

Chamber music and Kentridge's films

3 events, 1 article & 1 audiofragment

Encyclopédie de la Parole : Suite 4

The theater of Speech, Volume IV

15 events

Einstein on the beach [concert version]

Philip Glass, concert version, with Suzanne Vega & Collegium Vocale Gent

25 events & 1 audiofragment

Royaumont ‘Voix Nouvelles’ Academy 2022

Academy for composers, with Frédéric Durieux, Clemens Gadenstätter, Dmitri Kourliandski, Johanna Vargas, Marie Ythier

2 events


A project by Kobe Van Cauwenberghe after Anthony Braxton's scores.

1 event & 1 audiofragment

Le Retour

Eva Reiter, Geert De Bièvre

5 events

DRUMMING with Rosas

Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music by Steve Reich

13 events & 1 audiofragment

Darker than Black [extended]

Multi-repertoires chamber music, from Renaissance to contemporary

2 events


Brussels Philharmonic, Ictus, Ilan Volkov

1 event & 1 article

Ictus Invites #2.1: Hopper plays Slinckx


1 event

An Index of Metals (Fausto Romitelli, Paolo Pachini)

Totally kult

6 events, 5 articles & 1 audiofragment

For percussion, strings & winds [Ellen Arkbro]


3 events & 1 audiofragment

Nevin Aladag: Music Rooms


1 event

The Sonic Assistance Agency [concert for teens]

2 events


1 event

Retour Amont: Le Rêve [ECCE dance company]

Dance, speech, music

4 events

La Flèche et l'Éléphant

Europalia 2022, voyage-concert

1 event

Eupepsia Dyspepsia,


8 events

American Lament (studio version) | Pauwels & Van der Aa

Electric duet

9 events & 1 article

DRUMMING (with Ballet Opéra de Paris)

Choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, music by Steve Reich

1 event

PIPE ORGAN & STRING QUARTET (Arkbro, Frey, Lindwall)

Ce concert réunit un quatuor à cordes amplifié et « l’Orgue du Voyage » modulaire de Jean-Baptiste Monnot — un monstre en kit composé de

1 event

Recent releases

Reiter, Sarhan, Trapani, Fafchamps

First Memory [Noé Soulier]

Soulier & Naegelen

1 event

the Lichtenberg Figures (new version 2020)

Electric chamber music

7 events & 1 audiofragment

International Young Composers Academy in Ticino, 2021

directed by Oscar Bianchi

1 event & 1 audiofragment

Visions de l'Amen

Two pianos

1 event


The Fluxus movement blasted open artistic boundaries and was one of the originators of happenings and performance art.

2 events

Ictus invites...

A new series produced by Ictus in its temporary headquarters at the Wild Gallery, Brussels

1 event

Ictus invites... Season 2

Brussels new stage

Ictus invites #1: Dimitriou | The Third Guy

Opening evening!


Christophe Guiraud, concert | Iris Terdjiman, painting exhibition

2 events

Ictus invites #4: [ARK]

Vocal and speech-driven performances. Medley.

1 event & 1 article

Ictus invites #5: TICINO ACADEMY

In concert, highlights of the International Young Composers Academy 2021

1 event


ictus studios

1 event


Binaural music theater with headphones

6 events & 1 article

Wir irren

Chamber music & film

4 events & 1 audiofragment



2 events & 1 audiofragment


Festival Manifeste, Paris

1 event & 1 audiofragment



8 events


Chamber music

1 event & 1 article


For young audience.

17 events

Interstices [with Amir ElSaffar]

New work for trumpet, santur and ensemble

4 events & 1 audiofragment

only one chance

Percussion quartert

3 events

Season 2019 2020

All you need to know about the ictus season 19-20

Previous seasons      

Since season 2014-15 until season 2018-19

Pneuma (25th Anniversary Edition)

Breathcore, instrumental music, electronic music: a very special edition for Ictus' Birthday.

1 event & 1 article

No Fluxus Room

A tribute to Fluxus.

1 event

The Lichtenberg Figures [Binaural version in Herrenhausen]

Binaural chamber music

1 event

Metal, Stone, Skin, Foliage, Air

Minimalist percussion music

1 event

The 5th Element

Chamber music

1 event

Liquid Room IX: "My Greatest Hits"

Musica Festival 2019 : opening concert on 4 stages

1 event & 1 article

The sea of despair

String quartets: Béla Bartók, Klaus Lang

1 event


A trio for glass bottles and tape by Hanna Eimermacher

1 event

With Antoine Chessex (and Jérôme Noetinger)

Noise music for 5 musicians and Revox

1 event

Nerone's LYra

Music theater

2 events

Sarhan | Kentridge: Telegrams from the nose

Constructivist cartoons, stroh-music and Daniil Harms poems

1 event

BARTÓK: 4th Quartet


1 event

The Book of women [with Irini]

##[FIRST DESCRIPTION OF A WORK IN PROGRESS] In two years' time, August 2025, we'll be premiering THE BOOK OF WOMEN with **Lila Hajosi

Trois Contes [Gérard Pesson]

A new opera by Gérard Pesson and David Lescot

1 event & 1 article


Chamber music, breathings, lightings

1 event

Nerone (Clemens Gadenstätter)

Music theater

Der verschwundene Hochzeiter [KLAUS LANG]

A new opera by Klaus Lang, a commission of the Bayreuther Festspiele

1 event, 1 article & 1 audiofragment


Chamber music

1 event

At the bottom of the sea

String quartet & clarinet

3 events


Between opera, documentary cinema and installation | Jorge León, Eva Reiter, George van Dam.

5 events

The Cold Trip

Vocal chamber music

1 event

Zwarter dan Zwart | Plus Noir Que Noir | Darker than black

Between contemporary, Baroque and Renaissance repertoires

14 events

23 rue Couperin

Music theater

3 events

Liquid Room VIII : PHRASES

Sound poetry, spoken word, modal music and a touch of animal virtuosity.

1 event & 1 audiofragment

Vortex Temporum (with Rosas)

Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music: Gérard Grisey

49 events, 8 articles & 1 audiofragment

HAM SESSION (in Ghent)

Electric and vocal chamber music

1 event

Triadic Memories

Piano solo

1 event


Viola & flutes

2 events


Chamber music

1 event


Dance performance in museum

4 events & 1 article

Pierluigi Billone : OM.ON

Electric guitars duet

2 events & 1 audiofragment

Festival Presences : Augmented Pianos

Two pianos and electronics

1 event

Symposium : Sound and Participation

A two day conference which aims to unpack the shapes and possibilities of participatory sound art and music practices today.

1 event

Les Désinences

Two pianos & electronics

2 events & 1 audiofragment


Chamber music with accordion

1 event

Un Sacre du Printemps


8 events

Stockhausen ! (II)

Stockhausen and other cosmic pieces

2 events

Donaueschingen : 4 premieres

Martin Schüttler, Hanna Eimermacher, Francesca Verunelli, James Saunders

1 event & 1 audiofragment

Stockhausen ! (I)

Mikrophonie, Kontakte, Signale zur Invasion

2 events

Der Zwerg

One-act opera by Alexander Zemlinsky, 1922, after Oscar Wilde | Conductor : Franck Ollu | Stage direction : Daniel Jeanneteau

1 event & 1 article

Black romanticism

Piano and string trio

2 events


Early & contemporary music

1 event

Crumb : Songs of despair and hope

with Measha Brueggergosman, soprano

2 events

Sound & Vision (Liquid Room VII)

Music and visual performances

4 events, 2 articles & 2 audiofragments

[With Sophie Whettnall] La banquise, la forêt et les étoiles

Nocturne concert on the site of the Whettnall's exhibition

1 event

Short Is The Night (Saint Johns' Eve)


1 event

WITHIN (Tarek Atoui)

Music for hearing-impaired and everybody

1 event


A project by Michael Schmid

Proverbs [The Unanswered Question]

Ives, Reich, Bryars

4 events

Piano & String Quartet (Fumiyo ikeda | Morton Feldman)

Dance & live music

1 event & 1 article

American Lament (Ensemble Version)

Chamber and ensemble music

2 events, 1 article & 1 audiofragment

Ictus invites: 1000 SCORES

Open scores

Ictus invites: Kerbaj & Prins | Hyperborée

Weird improvised music in duet and trio. Concert in two parts.

1 event


Percussion concert

1 event

Jardin Des Secrets (A Nocturnal Journey)

A musical journey at the Opera

1 event

the Lichtenberg Figures

A psychedelic cantata

6 events & 1 article

Concrete [Maud Le Pladec | Michael Gordon]

Music, dance, light

9 events & 1 audiofragment

Ghost Notes

For young audience

3 events

Laborintus | For Times To Come

Music for large ensemble

1 event & 1 audiofragment

Death of Light

“No crucifixion has ever seemed so devastating”, wrote the composer about Grünewald’s Isenheim Altarpiece, which is the inspiration be

1 event


A Musical

5 events

Rain (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker)

Choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, music by Steve Reich

14 events, 3 articles & 1 audiofragment

Pierluigi Billone: percussion solos

Percussion: Tom De Cock

1 event & 1 audiofragment


Improvised music with Marc Ducret

3 events

Welcome to Caveland !

Underworld & Afterworld music

1 event

ANTIKE-FRAGMENTE (with Georg Nigl)

from Monteverdi to Xenakis

5 events

Aspern Suite (Salvatore Sciarrino)

For soprano and ensemble, after Lorenzo Da Ponte

1 event

MARTA (Mitterer | Steinbuch | Lagarde)

New opera by Wolfgang Mitterer. Original libretto by Gerhild Steinbuch. Staged by Ludovic Lagarde.

2 events & 2 articles

Jürg Frey : Quartet #2

Concert with commentary

1 event & 1 article

For Philip Guston

More than 4 hours with Morton Feldman : For Philip Guston, 1984

1 event & 1 article

Work | Travail | Arbeid (back in Brussels !)

Back in Brussels ! Ht Theater Fstvl | SEP 11 12 13

2 events & 1 audiofragment

Factory !

Antheil in KORTRIJK

1 event

Quatuor pour la fin du temps

Olivier Messiaen, 1941, for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

2 events

Michael Gordon | Terry Riley

A minimalist evening in Handelsbeurs.

1 event & 1 article

Liquid Room VI : BERLIN

Four stages, many works and many guests...

1 event

Les Zébrides

Happy day in Opéra de Lille

1 event

Almost nothing is better than nothing

Concert-lecture : 20th century solo piano.

1 event

LEVINAS | LIGETI : 2 keyboards

Michaël Levinas & Jean-Luc Plouvier, pianos, e-keyboards

1 event

Gordon / Billone / Lanza / Appelbaum

A weird evening in Kaaitheater. Billone, Gordon, Lanza.

1 event

TIMBER in Berlin (Michael Gordon)

The public that surrounds the ensemble assembled in a circle for a 60-minute performance: **Timber** by the New York composer Michaël Go

1 event

Ballet Mekanique (for all audiences)

Do it yourself !

5 events & 1 article


2 pianos by Georges Aperghis

1 event

Riley (a rainbow...) | Reich (Eighteen musicians)

Reich : Music for Eighteen Musicians (Bozar, Main Hall) | Riley : A rainbow in curved air (Bozat, Hall Horta) | With Synergy Vocals

1 event

What the Body does not Remember

Wim Vandekeybus, Thierry De Mey, Peter Vermeersch | Ulitma Vez & Ictus | 1987/2013 : revival with live music

7 events & 1 audiofragment

SOLDAT (Stravinsky | Aperghis)

Igor Stravinsky : L'Histoire du Soldat   |   Georges Aperghis : Le Soldat Inconnu

7 events


Concerts with commentary

CERCLES (in San Fedele, Milano)

Music & Video in Centro Culturale San Fedele, Milano

1 event

Wolfgang Rihm : Musik für drei Streicher

String trio.

2 events & 1 article

With Naomi Sato (sho) — Hosokawa, Cage, Yun

In offering us the fruits of his Japanese culture, Toshio Hosokawa teaches us to slightly adjust our musical ear.

1 event

Bozar Electronic Arts Festival, with Cédric Dambrain

Cédric Dambrain solo and in duo with Gerrit Nulens (drums)

1 event

Levinas | Messiaen : 2 KEYBOARDS

Festival in La Meije : new piece by M. Levinas for piano and electronic keyboards. Messiaen : Visions de l'Amen (two pianos).

1 event

Focus on Eva Reiter

Open Music, Graz (Austria)

1 event

American Songs

Ictus fellows, conducted by Georges-Elie Octors

1 event

Mikrokosmos (with Rosas)

Choreography : Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Music : Béla Bartók, György Ligeti

4 events

ORFEO 14 (Helmut Oehring)

Helmut Oehring, after C. Monteverdi and J. Conrad, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the reopening of the Opera de Lille

1 event

Z1, from "Sufi Letters" (Jean-Luc Fafchamps)

Since 2000, Fafchamps is working on the development of a vast network of cycles – the Sufi Letters.

1 event, 1 article & 2 audiofragments

Territoires de l'Oubli

Concert with commentary in Lille Opera : Tristan Murail, Territoires de l'Oubli, 1977. Fabian Coomans, piano

1 event


Ballets Mécaniques (Dérive futuriste)

A Marathon-Concert in Opéra de Lille, 2012

1 audiofragment

This Is Not A Pop Song (II)

Edition II : Fafchamps, Reiter, Aperghis, Bauer/Peck, Schubert, De La Fuente

2 events & 1 article

Dada Solfège

A Dada / Futurist event in "Auditorium des Musées", Strasbourg

1 event

Liquid Room V (Subtilior)

A Liquid Room on 4 stages with guest performers of medieval music, and two premieres by Yeznikian and Guiraud

1 event, 3 articles & 1 audiofragment


... an oratorio, but with smaller forces: three sopranos and a large, mixed ensemble.

1 event

Avis de Tempête (Aperghis | Szendy, 2004)

Music and direction : Georges Aperghis. Libretto : Aperghis / Szendy after Melville & ...

1 article & 1 audiofragment

Berio / Bartok / Dillon : Violin Duets

George van Dam, Igor Semenoff

Blazek (2006)

Music for Eighteen Musicians

Music for Eighteen Musicians van Steve Reich : een monument uit de tweede helft van vorige eeuw.

2 events & 1 audiofragment


Schoenberg / Giraud, Debussy / De Mey, Verrières / Ravel, Ictus, Marianne Pousseur, Georges-Elie Octors, François Deppe

George Antheil : Ballet mécanique zelfverklaarde Bad Boy of Music uit het begin van de XXstye eeuw brengt Ictus het futuristische Ballet Mécanique.

Amor constante, más allá de la muerte

With Rosas, 994. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Thierry De Mey

Brewaeys : dubbelconcerto (premiere)

Happy Birthday, Luc

Candid Music (2005)


1 article

Chiffres (2001)

Francesconi / Müller : QUARTETT

Opera in three scenes by Luca Francesconi after Heiner Müller, staged by Àlex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus)

1 article

Sound & Body

Six Ictus Fellows have decided to take up the challenge of giving a concert without musical instruments.

2 articles

Conical Intersect

Roque Rivas, 2007

A Rainbow in curved air

Counter Phrases (2003)

11 films by Thierry De Mey, choreographed by AT De Keersmaeker, set to music by 11 composers

1 article

die Hamletmaschine-oratorio (2000)

Oratorio by Georges Aperghis after Heiner Müller

1 article & 1 audiofragment

Francesconi : Fresco

Ictus + 100 musicians from 5 different brassbands perform in the streets of Brussels

James Dillon, Brice Pauset

1 article & 1 audiofragment

Happy End

Georges Aperghis, Hans Op de Beeck

1 article & 1 audiofragment


A music theatre performance on three platforms, by François Sarhan

1 article

Laborintus II (with Mike Patton)

Laborintus II with parts for narrator, 3 female voices, 8 actors, 17 musicians and tape | Recorded live at the Holland Festival, 2010

1 audiofragment

I Said I (with Rosas, 1999)

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Peter Handke. Fabrizio Cassol, DJ Grazzhoppa, Ictus.

Ictus & Octurn : Le Grand Gamelan

A jazz project with Bo Van Der Werf

2 articles

Ictus String Quartet

Steen-Andersen, Webern, Stravinsky, Ligeti

Introduction aux ténèbres (Raphaël Cendo, 2009)

Introduction Aux Ténèbres, to three texts of the Apocalypse, for bass-baritone, double bass, 13 players and live electronics

Jonathan Harvey: Bhakti

for fourteen instruments and quadraphonic tape, 1982

Labyrinth Ligeti

A complete Ligeti evening (Opéra de Lille and deSingel)

1 audiofragment

Just Before (1997)

3rd performance with Rosas

KINOK (with Rosas, 1994)

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, De Mey, Bartok, Beethoven


François Sarhan's pop evening

3 articles & 1 audiofragment

Liquid Room II

12 muzikanten spelen meer dan 15 composities op 5 verschillende podia in één ruimte en dat alles non-stop en op één avond.

La Frontière (Philippe Manoury, 2003)

Chamber opera by Philippe Manoury, libretto by Daniela Langer, directed by Yoshi Oïda

Kraft (2000)

Magnus Lindberg : KRAFT for orchestra and ensemble of soloists

1 audiofragment

La Monte Young

Trio for Strings, 1958

Liquid Room I

Contemporary music, but a way of listening to it as though at a rock festival or an electronic improvisation night, on 4 stages.

Lost Cowboy

Ictus String Quartet presents : John Adams, Øyvind Torvund, Béla Bartók, Luciano Berio, James Dillon

Liquid Room III : Darmstadt 2012

A seamless evening on three stages, related to the past and present of the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik of Darmstadt

1 article

3Abschied (De Keersmaeker & Jérôme Bel)

Gustav Mahler : Der Abschied (from "Das Lied von der Erde") - Transcription : Arnold Schoenberg

Misato Mochizuki : Portrait (2005 / 2006)

1 article & 1 audiofragment

Ma's Sequence 8

Riccardo Nova : piece for wind quintet and mridangam

2 articles

Marc Monnet (2005)

Bosse, crane rasé, nez crochu (for two pianos, ensemble, electronic sounds)


a cantata written by Oscar Bianchi for vocal ensemble, instrumental ensemble, 3 soloists and electronics

2 articles & 1 audiofragment

Maximum Efficiency

A florilege of Tom Johnson's music

Michael Levinas : La Métamorphose (opera)

La Métamorphose, opera by Michaël Levinas, based on Franz Kafka, preceded by Je, Tu, Il, a prologue from Valère Novarina

4 articles & 1 audiofragment


Brian Ferneyhough, performed by Michael Schmid


Paul De Clerck plays Berio. Concert with commentary

Noces (with James Wood, 2000)

Two versions of Les Noces by Stravisnky : 1919 (with pianola, harmonium and two cimbaloms), and 1923

1 audiofragment

A History of Synchronicity (Liquid Room IV)

Paysage sous surveillance (2002)

Georges Aperghis, after Heiner Müller

Pierre Jodlowski : People / Time (2005)

People / Time tells a story, or rather, some stories : that one about a decaying leaf, those ones about roads, which white bands become

Professor (Maud Le Pladec)

Choreography and live music after "Professor Bad Trip" Cycle by Fausto Romitelli

1 audiofragment

Professor Bad Trip

Creation of complete cycle, Lessons I, II, III

1 audiofragment

Publiek Geheim | Secret Public


1 article

Reich Evening (with Rosas, 2007)

1 article

Riccardo Nova : Drones (2001)

Carnatic rhythms and electric orkestra

1 audiofragment

RIHM / BASELITZ (strijktrio)

Wolfgang Rihm : Musik für drei Streicher for string trio, 1977 In MUba Museum, Tourcoing

1 event

Saint John ( Liquid Room 433, for John Cage)

4 hours and 33 seconds

2 articles


Vivier, Fafchamps, Mochizuki

Strange News (Rolf Wallin, Josse De Pauw)

for actor, ensemble, surround souind and video screen

String Quartet in Lille

Francesconi, Nancarrow, Adams

1 event

Subtiele Lichamen | Corps Subtils

A chamber concert for flute, viola & harp. Debussy, Saariaho, Hosokawa

Talking Music (2004)

The Funerals

PARTS & GAME - The Funerals

2 events

Morton Feldman : Triadic Memories

Jean-Luc Fafchamps Plays Morton Feldman

1 event

This is Not a Pop Song (I), 2012

Premiere van een performance project van Ictus rond een ‘band’-bezetting.

1 article

A day at the Opera

"Parcours musical" for children in Opéra de Lille

2 events

Wagner Dream

Opera by Jonathan Harvey and Jean-Claude Carrière, staged by Pierre Audi

3 articles & 1 audiofragment

The Wayward (after Harry Partch, 2010)

Works by Harry Partch arranged by Tim Mariën

2 articles

Tore (Marcel Berlanger, Cédric Dambrain, 2007)

Marcel Berlanger was born in 1965 in Brussels where he lives and works today.

Austerlitz (Combier | Nouvel)

Theatrical and musical piece, after the novel Austerlitz by Winfried Georg Sebald.

1 article & 1 audiofragment

wozzeck, with Sivadier (2007)

Opéra de Lille, 2007

2 articles

The Measure of Time (2008)

Ligeti, Leroux, Reich, Usher-Nancarrow

trio basso (2008)

Waits | Weill

T. Waits : songs from The Black Rider & Frank’s Wild Years | K. Weill : songs from Mahagonny, Dreigroschen Opera, Lady in the Dark

3 articles

With Salvatore Sciarrino (2002)

Introduzione all'oscuro | Le Ragioni delle Conchiglie | Centauro Marino | Quintettino N.1, etc.

(but if a look should) April me

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Music by De Mey, Xenakis, Grisey, Stravinsky (Les Noces)

With Toshio Hosokawa (2005)

A portrait

Aventures (Ligeti Droulers Clayburgh)

1999, with Rolande Van der Paal, Romain Bischoff and Linda Hirst. Conductor : Peter Rundel.


Some significant concerts in 1999


Some significant Ictus concerts in 1998

2 audiofragments


Some significant Ictus concerts in 1997

2 audiofragments


Some significant Ictus concerts in 1995

1 audiofragment


An overview of the season (NL, ENG, FR)


Some significant Ictus concerts in 1994

1 audiofragment


An overview of the season (NL, ENG, FR)


An overview of the season (NL, ENG, FR)


Editorial and Notes [three languages]



Some significant Ictus concerts in 1996

1 audiofragment