Ma's Sequence 8


Riccardo Nova (°1960) : MA'S SEQUENCE 8,

for wind quintet and mridangam

Michael Schmid : flute
Piet Van Bockstal : oboe
Dirk Descheemaeker : clarinet
Dirk Noyen : bassoon
Bruce Richards : horn

B.C. Manjunath : mridangam

Riccardo Nova & Jean-Luc Plouvier : commentary

Production : Opéra de Lille, 2008

Profoundly influenced by his encounter with the traditional music of India, Riccardo Nova stands out for the audacity of his musical quest that places the most experimental results of European classical music alongside a re-elaboration of the virtuoso polyrhythms of Carnatic music. Traditional orchestral combinations and large percussion sections, often supplemented by electronics, meet in a luxuriant sonic environment. The juxtaposition of archetypal and sensual rhythmic gestures converges with the complexity of Western sound in a vision that restores to music its fundamental spiritual force.

Universal Music Publishing Classical, 2011