American Songs



Charles Ives : Evening (1921) voor stem en piano
Christopher Trapani : Waterlines, five songs about Storms and Floods' (2005-2012) voor stem en ensemble
Lou Harrison : Four Pieces (1952-1967) voor harp en percussie
Harry Partch : A Dream uit de 17 Lyrics from Li Po (1930-1933) in een arrangement voor stem en contrabas

Georges-Elie Octors : conductor

Ictus Fellows :

Tomoko Taguchi, stem
Camille Guénot, fluit
Tomonori Takeda, klarinet
Nico Couck, gitaar
Adam Rosenblatt, percussie
Pieter Lenaerts, contrabas
Maria José Jeannin, harp

Now came still Evening on, and Twilight grey
Had in her sober livery all things clad;
Silence accompanied, for beast and bird,
They to thir grassie couch, these to thir nests
Were slunk, all but the wakeful nightingale;
She all night long her amorous descant sung;
Silence was pleas'd.

John Milton, Paradise Lost
Set to music by Charles Ives (Evening)

Agenda for this project

May 2014
  • Date Show Location
  • Fri 23.05 American Songs (Lunchconcert) Flagey - Brussels - Belgium

    American Songs

    start: 1230h


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