American Songs



Charles Ives : Evening (1921) voor stem en piano
Christopher Trapani : Waterlines, five songs about Storms and Floods' (2005-2012) voor stem en ensemble
Lou Harrison : Four Pieces (1952-1967) voor harp en percussie
Harry Partch : A Dream uit de 17 Lyrics from Li Po (1930-1933) in een arrangement voor stem en contrabas

Georges-Elie Octors : conductor

Ictus Fellows :

Tomoko Taguchi, stem
Camille Guénot, fluit
Tomonori Takeda, klarinet
Nico Couck, gitaar
Adam Rosenblatt, percussie
Pieter Lenaerts, contrabas
Maria -José Jeannin, harp

Now came still Evening on, and Twilight grey
Had in her sober livery all things clad;
Silence accompanied, for beast and bird,
They to thir grassie couch, these to thir nests
Were slunk, all but the wakeful nightingale;
She all night long her amorous descant sung;
Silence was pleas'd.

John Milton, Paradise Lost
Set to music by Charles Ives (Evening)

Agenda for this project

May 2014
  • Date Show Location
  • Fri 23.05 American Songs (Lunchconcert) Flagey - Brussels - Belgium

    American Songs

    start: 1230h


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