AVENTURES : György Ligeti, Pierre Droulers and Jim Clayburgh

Ligeti: Aventures / Nouvelles Aventures
Ligeti: Mysteries of the Macabre
Kagel: Finale

Peter Rundel (direction), Rolande Van der Paal (soprano), Linda Hirst (mezzo-soprano) and Romain Bisschof (bariton)

A production by de Munt
Executive production: Walpurgis

Lunatheater, Brussels (B)
Bouffes du Nord, Paris (F)


Conductor : Marc Foster

Gérard Grisey: Stèle
Emmanuel Nunes: Musik der Frühe

A production by Ars Musica and Ictus
Supported by Kaaitheater and de Filharmonische Vereniging van Brussel

Lunatheater, Brussels (B)

WITH Robyn Schulkowsky

With a number of our soloists we were invited to work with percussioner Robyn Schulkowsky and electronica-virtuoos Alvin Lucier for a week in residence to create a special speciaal program dedicated to the American composer John Cage presented the (th of August in the Stadskino in Salzburg to the festival’s public…

Zeitfluss Festival / Salzburger Festspiele (AT)


Production: Kaaitheater, Filharmonische Vereniging van Brussel an Ictus

Jonathan Harvey / Gérard Pesson / Johannes Schöllhorn / François Deppe / George van Dam / Luc Brewaeys / Philippe Leroux:
arrangements for the cycle "Sechs Gedichte von Lenau und Requiem - altkatholisches Gedicht", the Opus 90 by Schumann, for soprano and ensemble, creation

Igor Stravinski / Hugo Wolf: Two Sacred Songs, for mezzosoprano and ensemble

Gérard Grisey / Hugo Wolf: Quatre Lieder de Wolf, for mezzosoprano and ensemble

Gérard Grisey: Berceuse, for mezzosoprano and ensemble (from: "Quatre Chants pour Franchir le Seuil", a transcription by Brice Pauset)

György Kurtág: Hommage à R.Sch., for clarinet, alto and piano

Soloists: Mitsuko Shirai, soprano, and Mireille Deguy, mezzosoprano
Georges-Elie Octors, direction

Lunatheater, Brussel (B)