Ictus invites... Season 2


produced by Ictus
in the Rosas' headquarters
164 VanVolxemlaan, Forest, Brussels
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Van Volxemlaan 164
1190 Brussels
Tram stop (32, 82, 97): Kastanjes/Chataignes
Bus stop (52): Union


You can send a reservation email
at this address, with your name(s) and phone number.
ENTRY PRICE on the evening,
10 euros, cash or Payconiq.


The season 1 at Wild Gallery


— #2.1


JUNE 10th, 2022, 20:30

HOPPER ENSEMBLE plays Pierre Slinckx

Hopper Ensemble conducted by François Deppe
+ Cindy Castillo (organetto) and Pierre Slincxs (electronics)
C#2, H#1, H#2, H#3, H#4
Presentation of a new CD

— #2.2


(Informations will follow)