Michael Schmid, Breathcore [Wiener version], 2019
Sofia Gubaidfulina, De Profundis, 1978
Heinz Holliger, Lied, 1971
Sofia Gubaidfulina, In Croce, 1991
Michael Schmid, Breathcore, II, [Wiener version], 2019
Jürg Frey, String Quartet #2, 1998-2000


George van Dam Violin
Jeroen Robberecht Viola
Eva Reiter Viola Da Gamba
François Deppe Cello
Luca Piovesan Accordion
Michael Schmid Flute
Michael Schmid Artistic leader of the Breathcore
Alexandre Fostier Sound

To blow, to breathe—means in fact to have this experience: what contains us, the air, becomes contained in us; and, conversely, what was contained in us becomes what contains us. To breathe means to be immersed in a medium that penetrates us with the same intensity as we penetrate it.
Besides, the breath of bodies has no need to pass through lungs — or through organs, for that matter: any body is defined by its breath, any body is a port, open to the circulation of matter — within and outside itself. The organism is nothing but the invention of a new way of mixing with the world and of allowing the world to mix with what is inside it.
Emanuele Coccia, The Life of Plants, 2017