Interstices (with Amir ElSaffar)


Amir ElSaffar :

new work for ensemble


Amir ElSaffar trumpet, santur, voice
Kristien Ceuppens oboe, English horn
Dirk Descheemaeker clarinets
Tom De Cock percussion, cimbalom
Jean-Luc Plouvier microtonal piano
Igor Semenoff violin
Jeroen Robbrecht viola
Geert De Bièvre cello
Géry Cambier double bass
Alexandre Fostier sound

Production Festival de Royaumont, France

LINK: The Amir ElSaffar website

Preliminary words by Amir ElSaffar ...

The new work will be composed for oboe/English horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, double bass, percussion/cimbalom, re-tuned piano, plus myself on trumpet and santoor.
The piece will utilize maqâm in polyphonic contexts, including harmonic structures, heterophony, and overlaying of melodies akin to counterpoint.
The harmonic and melodic elements will be microtonal, reaching beyond the limits of typical maqâm modulation practices toward new harmonies and microtonal resonances, often creating difference tones and pulsations.
Ornamentation - trills, portamenti, wavering of pitch - as well as a wide variety of timbres based on maqâm practices will be precisely notated, and intrinsic to the melodic architecture.
Rhythmically, the piece will alternate between free sections that have pulse but no discernible meter, sections that are rhythmically rigorous and layer repeating cycles of varying (but related) number, speed, and impulse.
Emphasis will be given to silences.
(January 2017)

Agenda for this project

September 2017
  • Date Show Location
  • Sat 02.09 Interstices (with amir elSaffar) Abbaye de Royaumont - Royaumont (Paris) - France

    Interstices (with Amir ElSaffar)

    New work for trumpet, santur and ensemble read more