FEAT. ‘Pony Says’



Svetlana Maraš: New Work
for trio and ensemble (premiere)

Ellen Arkbro: For percussion, strings and winds
(premiere of the new version)

Philipp Krebs: VICE
for soloist trio and ensemble (premiere)

Pony Says

Percussion : Lucas Gerin
Keyboard : Felix Nagl
E-guitar : Thilo Ruck


Conducted by Tom De Cock
Bass clarinet: Dirk Descheemaeker
Bassoon : Daphne Sandoval
Trumpet : Ruiz González Andres
Trombone : Nabou Claerhout
Violin : Igor Semenoff
Viola : Victor Guaita
Cello : Geert De Bièvre
Double bass : Géry Cambier


Ellen Arkbro's piece
on Youtube (first version, 2022)


Production ECLAT
Coproduction Ictus, with the support of Nordic Culture Fund


From Pony Says trio website:

Pony Says negotiates questions on diverse fields such as socio-cultural issues, electronic music, pop culture, conceptualism and practices, new discipline...
from the ECLAT festival website:

Inspired by the pop music concept of ‘featuring’,
Pony Says and Ictus unleash a whole new energy as they work together.
In constellations of soloists against groups,
the attempt to outbid each other to the point of sonically devouring the others,
composers and ensembles make the critical discourse
on hierarchies and power structures come alive on an artistic level.

Agenda for this project

February 2024
  • Date Show Location
  • Thu 01.02 Ictus featuring Pony Says Theaterhaus, ECLAT Festival - Stuttgart - Germany

    FEAT. ‘Pony Says’

    start: 21h

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