Season 2019 2020

All you need to know about the ictus season 19-20

Einstein on the beach [musicians at work]

Philip Glass, concert version. Ictus Ensemble, Suzanne Vega, Collegium Vocale Gent, Germaine Kruip

15 events

Encyclopédie de la Parole : Suite 4

4th and last Suite of "Encyclopédie de la Parole"

2 events

Liquid Room IX: "My Greatest Hits"

Strasbourg, Musica Festival : opening concert

1 event & 1 article

Liquid Room X: LYON

Biennale des musiques exploratoires

1 event


Angélica Castelló, Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis.

1 event

Pneuma (25th Anniversary Edition)

Breathcore, instrumental music, electronic music: a very special edition for Ictus' Birthday.

1 event & 2 articles

Metal, Stone, Skin, Foliage, Air

Jürg Frey at Brigittines

1 event


This special repertory evening will present three early works by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, each of which is based on a piece of classi

4 events

Sarhan | Kentridge: Telegrams [revival]

Constructivist cartoons, stroh-music and Daniil Harms poems

1 event

With Antoine Chessex (and Jérôme Noetinger)

La résonance des ruines, a new piece by Antoine Chessex, with Ictus & Jérôme Noetinger (Revox)

1 event

Wir irren

Ana Torfs & Ictus (concert and film)

3 events

the Lichtenberg Figures (new version 2020)

A revival of the Reiter's controversial manifesto

2 events

only one chance

Percussion quartet in De Warande

1 event

Rain (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker)

Choreography : Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music : Steve Reich

12 events, 3 articles & 1 audiofragment

The Waves [Noé Soulier]

Noé Soulier new production for 6 dancers & 2 percussions

15 events


Verrières, Zonzo C°, Pauwels, Badel

15 events

Eupepsia, an archive of appropriations [Avant Premiere]

A conference-performance-concert devised by Eva Reiter and Karin Harrasser, Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Linz.

1 event

The 5th Element

Opéra de Lille, with Misaël Gauchat

1 event

The sea of despair

Béla Bartók, Klaus Lang

1 event

BARTÓK: 4th Quartet

Opéra de Lille

1 event

Darker than Black [extended]

Between contemporary, Baroque and Renaissance repertoires. Reiter, Pauwels, Dlouhy, Schmid

2 events

Zwarter dan Zwart | Plus Noir Que Noir | Darker than black

Between contemporary, Baroque and Renaissance repertoires. Eva Reiter, Tom Pauwels, Theresa Dlouhy.

9 events

At the bottom of the sea

... our memory at work, obsessed by a fleeting object that becomes all the more sublime because it is so difficult to capture.

3 events

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