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5th International Young Composer Academy in Ticino

Two videos by Joachim Philippe
Part 1: Alessandro Bono, Claudia Sofía Alvarez Cuba, Fritz Hauser,
Valentin Schaff, Annette Schmucki, Eden Lonsdale


Part 2: Sunghyun Lee, Sofie Meyer, Cong Wei, Ali Latif Shushtari,
Alice Hoi Ching Yeung, Liliia Iskhakova, Raphaël Belfiore






Free — 29 minutes — « I described the sky as noctilucent ». « Blood condensed by atmospheric vapor falls to earth ». To hold firmly in one hand the baroque, the spectral, the psychedelic — this is presumably the Eva Reiter’s project. A moment of grace happened in Leuven, a few months ago, at Transit Festival in Leuven. Allow us to share half an hour of this concert, « a kind of cyborg theatre », as Brandon Farnsworth commented: a totally revised version of "The Lichtenberg Figures", after texts by Ben Lerner, redesigned for a chamber band of 6 musicians.
Good headphones required.






Teaser — 20 minutes — Music by François Sarhan | Animated films and objects: William Kentridge | With "Interplanetary Revolution", 1924,by Khodataev, Komissarenko, Merkulov ||| Video animations, live music and expressionist pantomimes highlight the relations between Soviet communism, the frenzy of scientism and artistic modernity, with humour and cruelty. These three motifs gather round the figure of the “New Man” and its flip side – Man accused and sacrificed. An abundance of musical, visual and textual material intertwines with speed, metaphysical absurdity and montage conceived as shock art, in a reinterpretation of 1920s modernism. Concealing neither its fascination nor its turmoil, this tribute is both vibrant and intensely melancholic – when it doesn’t cower in terror…






Free pricing — 40 minutes — Music by Christopher Trapani. Our last CD on Bandcamp, with Christie Finn ("WATERLINES, Five Songs about Storms and Floods") under the baton of Georges-Elie Octors, and Liesa Van Der Aa ("Two Folksong Distortions") in duet with Tom Pauwels.
Lyrics and liner notes available for download.






Live concert published on Youtube: "Wir Irren", after Ludwig van Beethoven's last riddle canon,
a score by Jean-Luc Fafchamps with soundscape by Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman.
Concept & scenography by Ana Torfs.