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Projects tagged with [From the Ictus Press-Book]

Vortex Temporum (with Rosas)

Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music: Gérard Grisey

49 events, 8 articles & 1 audiofragment

MARTA (Mitterer | Steinbuch | Lagarde)

New opera by Wolfgang Mitterer. Original libretto by Gerhild Steinbuch. Staged by Ludovic Lagarde.

2 events & 2 articles

Paysage sous surveillance (2002)

Georges Aperghis, after Heiner Müller

Austerlitz (Combier | Nouvel)

Theatrical and musical piece, after the novel Austerlitz by Winfried Georg Sebald.

1 article & 1 audiofragment

Laborintus II (with Mike Patton)

Laborintus II with parts for narrator, 3 female voices, 8 actors, 17 musicians and tape | Recorded live at the Holland Festival, 2010

1 audiofragment

La Frontière (Philippe Manoury, 2003)

Chamber opera by Philippe Manoury, libretto by Daniela Langer, directed by Yoshi Oïda

Candid Music (2005)


1 article

Liquid Room III : Darmstadt 2012

A seamless evening on three stages, related to the past and present of the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik of Darmstadt

1 article

(but if a look should) April me

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Music by De Mey, Xenakis, Grisey, Stravinsky (Les Noces)

KINOK (with Rosas, 1994)

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, De Mey, Bartok, Beethoven

Amor constante, más allá de la muerte

With Rosas, 994. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Thierry De Mey

Levinas | Messiaen : 2 KEYBOARDS

Festival in La Meije : new piece by M. Levinas for piano and electronic keyboards. Messiaen : Visions de l'Amen (two pianos).

1 event

Holding Present [Ula Sickle]

Amanda Barrio Charmelo, Marina Delicado, Marie Goudot, Ruben Martinez Orio, Michael Schmid, Mohamed Toukabri, Tom Pauwels & Ula Sickle

7 events & 1 article

Blogposts tagged with [From the Ictus Press-Book]