The Final Lesson



Professor Bad Trip

Lesson I, for eight instruments and electronics, 1998
Lesson II, for ten instruments, 1999
Lesson III, for ten instruments, 2000

Conductor: Tom De Cock

'Artificial, distorted, filtered – this is the nature of man today', said Fausto Romitelli.
Oh, really?
So, deal:
Play this legendary 20th century cycle with the same level of artificiality, the same passion for the anti-nature as if it were a record.
(At least that's what we promised Lucia Ronchetti for the Venice Biennale).
Final lesson: the mix is only one of the most banal parameters of interpretation.

Agenda for this project

October 2023
  • Date Show Location
  • Mon 23.10 The Final Lesson (Romitelli) La Biennale di Venezia - Venice - Italy

    The Final Lesson

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