Michael Schmid


Flute player, artistic advisor

Michael Schmid is a musician and flutist specializing in contemporary experimental music. A fixed member of the Belgian Ictus Ensemble and as freelancer he has worked with most of the major European New Music Ensembles as chamber musician and soloist.
Next to his activity as flutist he appears as performer of concrete poetry, builds sound installations and writes sound pieces. He has a profound interest in the politics and communication processes of music making.
His latest solo appearances and creations took place at Kunstenfestival des Arts (Brussels) with “Breathcore” (2016) and “Beat fucked Elf” (2016) and “Krạchal” (2016) at BEAF – Bozar Electronic Arts Festival, Brussels (2016).
Recent collaborations include projects with choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (Rosas), Boris Charmatz, Jerôme Bel, Manon de Boer (documenta 13), Georges Aperghis, Brynjar Sigurdarson and the Lafayette Anticipation Foundation (Paris).
He has recorded for cyprès, HAT records, cpo, WERGO, Stradivarius and has appeared on television and radio.

Michael Schmid est musicien, flûtiste, spécialisé dans la musique contemporaine et expérimentale.
Membre permanent de l'ensemble belge Ictus, il a travaillé en tant que musicien de chambre et soliste avec la plupart des grands ensembles européens de musique nouvelle.
En plus de son activité de flûtiste, il se produit comme interprète de poésie sonore, construit des installations sonores et écrit des pièces de sound art. Sa production est liée à son intérêt pour les questions politiques et les processus de communication de la création musicale.
Ses dernières apparitions et créations en solo ont eu lieu au Kunstenfestival des Arts (Bruxelles) avec "Breathcore" et "Beat fucked Elf", ainsi que "Krạchal" au BEAF - Bozar Electronic Arts Festival, Bruxelles.
Ses récentes collaborations incluent des projets avec la chorégraphe Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (Rosas), Boris Charmatz, Jerôme Bel, Manon de Boer (documenta 13), Georges Aperghis, Brynjar Sigurdarson et la Fondation Lafayette Anticipation (Paris).
Il a enregistré pour le label Cyprès, HAT records, cpo, WERGO et Stradivarius.

Projects tagged with [Michael Schmid]

DRUMMING with Rosas

Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music by Steve Reich

13 events & 1 audiofragment

Vortex Temporum (with Rosas)

Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music: Gérard Grisey

49 events, 8 articles & 1 audiofragment

George Antheil : Ballet mécanique

...de zelfverklaarde Bad Boy of Music uit het begin van de XXstye eeuw brengt Ictus het futuristische Ballet Mécanique.

For Philip Guston

More than 4 hours with Morton Feldman : For Philip Guston, 1984

1 event & 1 article

This Is Not A Pop Song (II)

Edition II : Fafchamps, Reiter, Aperghis, Bauer/Peck, Schubert, De La Fuente

2 events & 1 article

A day at the Opera

"Parcours musical" for children in Opéra de Lille

2 events

Liquid Room V (Subtilior)

A Liquid Room on 4 stages with guest performers of medieval music, and two premieres by Yeznikian and Guiraud

1 event, 3 articles & 1 audiofragment

Dada Solfège

A Dada / Futurist event in "Auditorium des Musées", Strasbourg

1 event

Michael Levinas : La Métamorphose (opera)

La Métamorphose, opera by Michaël Levinas, based on Franz Kafka, preceded by Je, Tu, Il, a prologue from Valère Novarina

4 articles & 1 audiofragment

An Index of Metals (Fausto Romitelli, Paolo Pachini)

Totally kult

6 events, 5 articles & 1 audiofragment

CERCLES (in San Fedele, Milano)

Music & Video in Centro Culturale San Fedele, Milano

1 event

MARTA (Mitterer | Steinbuch | Lagarde)

New opera by Wolfgang Mitterer. Original libretto by Gerhild Steinbuch. Staged by Ludovic Lagarde.

2 events & 2 articles


Vivier, Fafchamps, Mochizuki


a cantata written by Oscar Bianchi for vocal ensemble, instrumental ensemble, 3 soloists and electronics

2 articles & 1 audiofragment

Wagner Dream

Opera by Jonathan Harvey and Jean-Claude Carrière, staged by Pierre Audi

3 articles & 1 audiofragment

Laborintus II (with Mike Patton)

Laborintus II with parts for narrator, 3 female voices, 8 actors, 17 musicians and tape | Recorded live at the Holland Festival, 2010

1 audiofragment

La Frontière (Philippe Manoury, 2003)

Chamber opera by Philippe Manoury, libretto by Daniela Langer, directed by Yoshi Oïda

Avis de Tempête (Aperghis | Szendy, 2004)

Music and direction : Georges Aperghis. Libretto : Aperghis / Szendy after Melville & ...

1 article & 1 audiofragment

With Toshio Hosokawa (2005)

A portrait

Maximum Efficiency

A florilege of Tom Johnson's music

Blazek (2006)

Ma's Sequence 8

Riccardo Nova : piece for wind quintet and mridangam

2 articles


Brian Ferneyhough, performed by Michael Schmid

Labyrinth Ligeti

A complete Ligeti evening (Opéra de Lille and deSingel)

1 audiofragment

Brewaeys : dubbelconcerto (premiere)

Happy Birthday, Luc

Saint John ( Liquid Room 433, for John Cage)

4 hours and 33 seconds

2 articles

Subtiele Lichamen | Corps Subtils

A chamber concert for flute, viola & harp. Debussy, Saariaho, Hosokawa

Liquid Room I

Contemporary music, but a way of listening to it as though at a rock festival or an electronic improvisation night, on 4 stages.

Liquid Room II

12 muzikanten spelen meer dan 15 composities op 5 verschillende podia in één ruimte en dat alles non-stop en op één avond.

Liquid Room III : Darmstadt 2012

A seamless evening on three stages, related to the past and present of the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik of Darmstadt

1 article

This is Not a Pop Song (I), 2012

Premiere van een performance project van Ictus rond een ‘band’-bezetting.

1 article

Professor (Maud Le Pladec)

Choreography and live music after "Professor Bad Trip" Cycle by Fausto Romitelli

1 audiofragment

A History of Synchronicity (Liquid Room IV)

Aspern Suite (Salvatore Sciarrino)

For soprano and ensemble, after Lorenzo Da Ponte

1 event


Improvised music with Marc Ducret

3 events

American Lament (Ensemble Version)

Chamber and ensemble music

2 events, 1 article & 1 audiofragment

Welcome to Caveland !

Underworld & Afterworld music

1 event

Jardin Des Secrets (A Nocturnal Journey)

A musical journey at the Opera

1 event

Sound & Vision (Liquid Room VII)

Music and visual performances

4 events, 2 articles & 2 audiofragments

Laborintus | For Times To Come

Music for large ensemble

1 event & 1 audiofragment


Between opera, documentary cinema and installation | Jorge León, Eva Reiter, George van Dam.

5 events


A project by Michael Schmid

23 rue Couperin

Music theater

3 events

Donaueschingen : 4 premieres

Martin Schüttler, Hanna Eimermacher, Francesca Verunelli, James Saunders

1 event & 1 audiofragment

DRUMMING (with Ballet Opéra de Paris)

Choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, music by Steve Reich

1 event


Early & contemporary music

1 event

Stockhausen ! (I)

Mikrophonie, Kontakte, Signale zur Invasion

2 events

Stockhausen ! (II)

Stockhausen and other cosmic pieces

2 events


Chamber music with accordion

1 event

Liquid Room VIII : PHRASES

Sound poetry, spoken word, modal music and a touch of animal virtuosity.

1 event & 1 audiofragment


Chamber music

1 event

Einstein on the beach [concert version]

Philip Glass, concert version, with Suzanne Vega & Collegium Vocale Gent

25 events & 1 audiofragment

Darker than Black [extended]

Multi-repertoires chamber music, from Renaissance to contemporary

2 events

Liquid Room IX: "My Greatest Hits"

Musica Festival 2019 : opening concert on 4 stages

1 event & 1 article

Pneuma (25th Anniversary Edition)

Breathcore, instrumental music, electronic music: a very special edition for Ictus' Birthday.

1 event & 1 article



2 events & 1 audiofragment


The Fluxus movement blasted open artistic boundaries and was one of the originators of happenings and performance art.

2 events

Ictus invites #4: [ARK]

Vocal and speech-driven performances. Medley.

1 event & 1 article

Holding Present [Ula Sickle]

Amanda Barrio Charmelo, Marina Delicado, Marie Goudot, Ruben Martinez Orio, Michael Schmid, Mohamed Toukabri, Tom Pauwels & Ula Sickle

7 events & 1 article

International Young Composers Academy in Ticino, 2021

directed by Oscar Bianchi

1 event & 1 audiofragment

Royaumont ‘Voix Nouvelles’ Academy 2022

Academy for composers, with Frédéric Durieux, Clemens Gadenstätter, Dmitri Kourliandski, Johanna Vargas, Marie Ythier

2 events

PREY [Kris Verdonck & Annelies Van Parys]

Kris Verdonck, Annelies Van Parys, Katelijne Damen, Anna Clare-Hauf, Mooni Van Tichel

2 events


An opera by Simon Steen-Andersen

2 events & 1 article

The Rise (Reiter / Vandevelde)

*Who can say what the world is? The world  is in flux, therefore unreadable, the winds shifting,  the great plates invisibly shifting

5 events

Watch & listen to [Michael Schmid]

Georges Aperghis : Avis de Tempête [remastering]

Full version (2005) remastered in 2019

1 soundcloud track

Oscar Bianchi : Matra

Matra, a cantata written by Oscar Bianchi. Neuvocalsolisten, Ictus, Georges-Elie Octors. A Cyprès online release.

Ictus live : Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson, 4 short pieces, live in Opéra de Lille, 2006

1 soundcloud track

Michael Levinas: La Métamorphose

Michaël Levinas, after Franz Kafka. AEON 2012.

2 videos

Vortex Temporum

Choreography : Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music : Vortex Temporum, Gérard Grisey (1996)

1 video

Romitelli : An Index of Metals (CD)

Fausto Romitelli / Paolo Pachini : An index of metals (2003) Cyprès CD, 2006

12 videos

LABORINTUS II (Ictus & Mike Patton)

Luciano Berio : Laborintus II | Ictus, Mike Patton, Georges-Elie Octors. Ipecac CD.

Francesco Filidei : Ballata n.2

Live in Strasbourg, September22nd, 2012, Festival Musica

1 download
1 soundcloud track

Hikari Kiyama: Kabuki

VENICE, Biennale Musica 2011

1 video

Fredy Vallejos : Cercles 2

Fredy Vallejos, from the multimedia performance CERCLES, San Fedele Center, Milano

1 soundcloud track

Für kommende Zeiten

Karlheinz Stockhausen : Für kommende Zeiten (For Times to Come), 1969. Duration: 10'

1 soundcloud track

George Antheil : Ballet Mécanique

1924. Edited version. MIDI files and recommendations by Paul Lehrman. Opéra de Lille, December 2012, Georges-Elie Octors (cond.)

1 video

Liquid Room VII: Sound & Vision (20' clip)

Liquid Room. Kaaitheater, April 2017. Duration: 20'

1 video

Liquid Room VIII: Phrases (teaser)

Humans, animals & cyborgs.

1 video

Grisey : VORTEX TEMPORUM I [studio version]

for piano and five instruments

1 video

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