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Ictus in residence at the Opéra de Lille, 2004-2019

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String Quartet in Lille

Francesconi, Nancarrow, Adams

1 event

Sound & Body

Six Ictus Fellows have decided to take up the challenge of giving a concert without musical instruments.

2 articles

Francesconi / Müller : QUARTETT

Opera in three scenes by Luca Francesconi after Heiner Müller, staged by Àlex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus)

1 article

Ballets Mécaniques (Dérive futuriste)

A Marathon-Concert in Opéra de Lille, 2012

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RIHM / BASELITZ (strijktrio)

Wolfgang Rihm : Musik für drei Streicher for string trio, 1977 In MUba Museum, Tourcoing

1 event

Michael Levinas : La Métamorphose (opera)

La Métamorphose, opera by Michaël Levinas, based on Franz Kafka, preceded by Je, Tu, Il, a prologue from Valère Novarina

4 articles & 1 audiofragment

Territoires de l'Oubli

Concert with commentary in Lille Opera : Tristan Murail, Territoires de l'Oubli, 1977. Fabian Coomans, piano

1 event

ORFEO 14 (Helmut Oehring)

Helmut Oehring, after C. Monteverdi and J. Conrad, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the reopening of the Opera de Lille

1 event

MARTA (Mitterer | Steinbuch | Lagarde)

New opera by Wolfgang Mitterer. Original libretto by Gerhild Steinbuch. Staged by Ludovic Lagarde.

2 events & 2 articles

Happy End

Georges Aperghis, Hans Op de Beeck

1 article & 1 audiofragment

Austerlitz (Combier | Nouvel)

Theatrical and musical piece, after the novel Austerlitz by Winfried Georg Sebald.

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François Sarhan's pop evening

3 articles & 1 audiofragment

Avis de Tempête (Aperghis | Szendy, 2004)

Music and direction : Georges Aperghis. Libretto : Aperghis / Szendy after Melville & ...

1 article & 1 audiofragment

Candid Music (2005)


1 article

Ma's Sequence 8

Riccardo Nova : piece for wind quintet and mridangam

2 articles

Labyrinth Ligeti

A complete Ligeti evening (Opéra de Lille and deSingel)

1 audiofragment

3Abschied (De Keersmaeker & Jérôme Bel)

Gustav Mahler : Der Abschied (from "Das Lied von der Erde") - Transcription : Arnold Schoenberg

Subtiele Lichamen | Corps Subtils

A chamber concert for flute, viola & harp. Debussy, Saariaho, Hosokawa

Conical Intersect

Roque Rivas, 2007

Quatuor pour la fin du temps

Olivier Messiaen, 1941, for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

2 events

Ballet Mekanique (for all audiences)

Do it yourself !

5 events & 1 article

Wolfgang Rihm : Musik für drei Streicher

String trio.

2 events & 1 article

Les Zébrides

Happy day in Opéra de Lille

1 event

With Naomi Sato (sho) — Hosokawa, Cage, Yun

In offering us the fruits of his Japanese culture, Toshio Hosokawa teaches us to slightly adjust our musical ear.

1 event

Piano & String Quartet (Fumiyo ikeda | Morton Feldman)

Dance & live music

1 event & 1 article

Ghost Notes

For young audience

3 events

Jardin Des Secrets (A Nocturnal Journey)

A musical journey at the Opera

1 event

Death of Light

“No crucifixion has ever seemed so devastating”, wrote the composer about Grünewald’s Isenheim Altarpiece, which is the inspiration be

1 event


Viola & flutes

2 events

Der Zwerg

One-act opera by Alexander Zemlinsky, 1922, after Oscar Wilde | Conductor : Franck Ollu | Stage direction : Daniel Jeanneteau

1 event & 1 article


Chamber music with accordion

1 event


A trio for glass bottles and tape by Hanna Eimermacher

1 event

Black romanticism

Piano and string trio

2 events

The Waves [Noé Soulier]

Choreography by Noé Soulier

30 events

At the bottom of the sea

String quartet & clarinet

3 events

The Cold Trip

Vocal chamber music

1 event


Chamber music

1 event

Trois Contes [Gérard Pesson]

A new opera by Gérard Pesson and David Lescot

1 event & 1 article

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Combier / Sebald : Austerlitz (trailer)

1 video

HAPPY END (Aperghis / Op de Beeck)

Composition: Georges Aperghis Animation film: Hans Op de Beeck, Bruno Hardt, Klaas Verpoest

1 video

Georges Aperghis : Avis de Tempête [remastering]

Full version (2005) remastered in 2019

1 soundcloud track

François Sarhan : L'Nfer, un petit détail

3 excerpts from "L'Nfer, un petit détail" (CD "Pop Up", MFA 2012)

1 video

Michael Levinas: La Métamorphose

Michaël Levinas, after Franz Kafka. AEON 2012.

2 videos

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