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Igor Semenoff (°1966) studied violin with Philipp Hirshhorn and got the first prize in chamber music and his superior certificate of violin at the Royal Academy of Brussels. He teaches violin at the Academy of Brussels and at the Conservatory of Mons, as well as Chamber Music at the Royal Conservatoy of Brussels. He's a member of Ictus since 1994.

Igor Semenoff (°1966) studeerde viool aan het Koninkelijk Muziekconservatorium van Brussel, onder meer met Philippe Hirshhorn. Hij behaalde de eerste prijs in Kamermuziek. Hij doceert viool aan de Kunstacademie van de Stad Brussel en aan het Conservatorium van Bergen, en doceert ook Kamermuziek aan het Conservatorium van Brussel. Hij is lid van Ictus sinds 1994.

Igor Semenoff (°1966) a étudié le violon à l'Académie de Bruxelles, entre autres avec Philippe Hirshhorn. Il a obtenu le Premier Prix de Musique de Chambre. Il enseigne le violon à l'Académie de la Ville de Bruxelles et au Conservatoire de Mons, ainsi que la Musique de Chambre au Conservatoire de Bruxelles. Il est membre d'Ictus depuis 1994.

Projects tagged with [Igor Semenoff]

Vortex Temporum (with Rosas)

Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music: Gérard Grisey

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Lost Cowboy

Ictus String Quartet presents : John Adams, Øyvind Torvund, Béla Bartók, Luciano Berio, James Dillon

String Quartet in Lille

Francesconi, Nancarrow, Adams

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Rain (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker)

Choreography : Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music : Steve Reich

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a cantata written by Oscar Bianchi for vocal ensemble, instrumental ensemble, 3 soloists and electronics

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Wagner Dream

Opera by Jonathan Harvey and Jean-Claude Carrière, staged by Pierre Audi

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La Frontière (Philippe Manoury, 2003)

Chamber opera by Philippe Manoury, libretto by Daniela Langer, directed by Yoshi Oïda


François Sarhan's pop evening

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Telegrams from the Nose

François Sarhan, William Kentridge, Daniil Harms

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Riccardo Nova : Drones (2001)

Carnatic rhythms and electric orkestra

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Waits | Weill

T. Waits : songs from The Black Rider & Frank’s Wild Years | K. Weill : songs from Mahagonny, Dreigroschen Opera, Lady in the Dark

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With Toshio Hosokawa (2005)

A portrait

Ictus String Quartet

Steen-Andersen, Webern, Stravinsky, Ligeti

Berio / Bartok / Dillon : Violin Duets

George van Dam, Igor Semenoff

Liquid Room I

Contemporary music, but a way of listening to it as though at a rock festival or an electronic improvisation night, on 4 stages.

Professor (Maud Le Pladec)

Choreography and live music after "Professor Bad Trip" Cycle by Fausto Romitelli

1 audiofragment

Riley (a rainbow...) | Reich (Eighteen musicians)

Reich : Music for Eighteen Musicians (Bozar, Main Hall) | Riley : A rainbow in curved air (Bozat, Hall Horta) | With Synergy Vocals

1 event


Work/Travail/Arbeid, conceived by AT De Keersmaeker, rethinks a live dance piece as an exhibition.

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Piano & String Quartet (Fumiyo ikeda | Morton Feldman)

Choreography and solo performance : Fumiyo Ikeda | Live music : Jean-Luc Fafchamps & Ictus Strings

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Jardin Des Secrets (A Nocturnal Journey)

*At last, then, I am allowed to refresh myself in a bath of darkness!* (Charles Baudelaire)     An initiation, a ritual itinerary - in

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Short Is The Night (Saint Johns' Eve)


1 event

Interstices [with Amir ElSaffar]

New work for trumpet, santur and ensemble

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Einstein on the beach [musicians at work]

Philip Glass, concert version. Ictus Ensemble, Suzanne Vega, Collegium Vocale Gent, Germaine Kruip

17 events

At the bottom of the sea

... our memory at work, obsessed by a fleeting object that becomes all the more sublime because it is so difficult to capture.

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Trois Contes [Gérard Pesson]

A new opera by Gérard Pesson and David Lescot after Andersen / Foschini / Poe

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This special repertory evening will present three early works by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, each of which is based on a piece of classi

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The sea of despair

Béla Bartók, Klaus Lang

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BARTÓK: 4th Quartet

Opéra de Lille

1 event

Watch & listen to [Igor Semenoff]

Fausto Romitelli : Professor Bad Trip

“Like a Sonic Youth version of Bach” — (De Standaard, Maarten Beirens)

Magnus Lindberg : Chamber Music

Magnus Lindberg : Clarinet Quintet (1992) | Related Rocks (1997) A Megadisc CD, 2000

1 soundcloud track

François Sarhan : L'Nfer, un petit détail

3 excerpts from "L'Nfer, un petit détail" (CD "Pop Up", MFA 2012)

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Vortex Temporum

Choreography : Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music : Vortex Temporum, Gérard Grisey (1996)

1 video

Francesco Filidei : Ballata n.2

Live in Strasbourg, September22nd, 2012, Festival Musica

1 download
1 soundcloud track

With Amir ElSaffar

Interstices, for ensemble, Royaumont 2017

2 soundcloud tracks

Grisey : VORTEX TEMPORUM I [studio version]

for piano and five instruments

1 video


in MoMA, NYC

1 video