Antoine Delagoutte


Sound engineer

Antoine is a sound technician, working mainly in sound reinforcement / design for live performances. With an HND degree and a 3 years education at INSAS (Brussels), he started with mixing concerts, support acts, festivals (mainly monitor mixing) and went on with dance companies (8 years with Ultima Vez, Rosas, Ballets C de la B, Thi Maï Nguyen, etc.), theatre (technical director of La Loba company, sound design for several projects with Paulette Godart, Clinic Orgasm Society, several theatres in Brussels including Théâtre National, KVS, Kaai theater, Varia, etc.), and Ictus.

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Liquid Room VII: Sound & Vision (20' clip)

Liquid Room. Kaaitheater, April 2017. Duration: 20'

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