Anita Cappuccinelli


Production manager | Percussion player

Anita Cappuccinelli (Sassari 31/05/1997) is an Italian percussionist and performer active in chamber, solo and orchestra music fields and focused on contemporary music and music theater. With the desire of developing and enriching her knowledge and ability in the music theater and contemporary music fields she enrolled, in September 2021, in the Ictus Academy (Advanced Master in Contemporary Music program at the Royal Conservatory / School of Arts Ghent, BE).

Her work mostly focuses on sounds, materials and objects of everyday life and various ways to use text and language to explore new forms of performing and storytelling. Moreover, together with the percussionist Simone Beneventi, she is conducting research on the Italian percussion solo repertoire, for the publication of a physical and multimedia database with interviews of the authors and insights into the works, which brought her in contact with some of the most important Italian composers, musicologists and interpreters, giving her new ideas and connections to develop and evolve her musical activity.

During her studies and career, she collaborated with ensembles such as ZAUM Percussion; Ictus Ensemble; Fontanamix Ensemble; G.A.M.E.; New Hyperion Ensemble; Percurama; Akok’Ensemble. She played in different international festivals such as Europalia Festival; Slow (36) Festival - Concertgebouw Brugge; Oostende Festival van de Architectuur; Nona + Festival van Vlaanderen - Mechelen; Festival Aperto - Reggio Emilia; Tempo, psiche e numeri - Bologna; MIRY Concertzaal - Gent; Classica in Seminario - Sassari; I grandi interpreti della musica - Sassari; Percussion Pulse - Copenaghen; Pulsar festival - Copenaghen; 1000 Beats - Palermo; Spazio Musica Festival - Cagliari; Musica Nova - Sassari; Internationales Hallainer Schlagzeug Festival. And she attended workshops and courses like Académie internationale de mise en scène de théâtre musical, T&M Nîmes-Occitanie, France; Curating Diversity Course, Sounds Now and Time of Music Viitasaari, Finland. Moreover, she is an active member of the Associazione Progetto Enarmonia based in Sassari, Italy.

She previously studied percussion instruments at Luigi Canepa Conservatory of Music in Sassari under the guidance of Simone Beneventi and Ivan Mancinelli where, in 2018, she obtained her bachelor’s degree; and at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen in the percussion class of Gert Mortensen where, in 2020, she obtained her master’s degree. In 2021 she attended the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole postgraduate course in timpani and orchestral percussion with Gregory Lacoeur.


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