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Ellen Arkbro

For percussion, strings and wind (ictus in rehearsal)

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Fredy Vallejos : Cercles 2

Fredy Vallejos, from the multimedia performance CERCLES, San Fedele Center, Milano

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Pierluigi Billone : MO.ON

for two guitars

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Pierluigi Billone : MANI

A film by Joachim Thôme, 2017. Video attached to the double SubRosa CD: MANI. Tom De Cock, percussion. Duration: 19'

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Christopher Trapani: Waterlines

Christie Finn, voice | GE Octors, conductor

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Maud Le Pladec / Michael Gordon

Concrete / Trance

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Michael Levinas: La Métamorphose

Michaël Levinas, after Franz Kafka. AEON 2012.

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Ictus Live : Riccardo Nova, MA

Ictus plays Nova in Opéra de Lille, december 2006

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Bernard Heidsieck: Vaduz

Performed by JL Plouvier, 2020

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Eva Reiter : the Lichtenberg Figures (reloaded)

After Ben Lerner | Music by Eva Reiter

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Anthony Braxton

Ghost Trance Music by Anthony Braxton, with Kobe Van Cauwenberghe

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O Sentimental Machine

William Kentridge, François Sarhan

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LABORINTUS II (Ictus & Mike Patton)

Luciano Berio : Laborintus II | Ictus, Mike Patton, Georges-Elie Octors. Ipecac CD.

Romitelli : An Index of Metals (CD)

Fausto Romitelli / Paolo Pachini : An index of metals (2003) Cyprès CD, 2006

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Fausto Romitelli : Professor Bad Trip

“Like a Sonic Youth version of Bach” — (De Standaard, Maarten Beirens)

Jonathan Harvey : Wheel of EMptiness

CD Cyprès, 2001

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Swinging Speaker (Gordon Monaham)

Gordon Monahan : Swinging Speaker (1982), live in Zagreb, 2017. Duration: 4'

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Liquid Room VII: Sound & Vision (20' clip)

Liquid Room. Kaaitheater, April 2017. Duration: 20'

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Einstein on the beach (with Suzanne Vega)

Collegium Vocale Gent | Suzanne Vega

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The Cyprès Collection [1999-2014]


5th International Young Composer Academy in Ticino

13 new pieces filmed by Joachim Philippe

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Reich: Tehillim (live version, Paris, 2006)

Live in Paris, Cité de la Musique

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Wagner Dream

Jonathan Harvey / Jean-Claude Carrière : WAGNER DREAM. Ictus Ensemble conducted by Martyn Brabbins. A Cyprès double CD.

Hikari Kiyama: Kabuki

VENICE, Biennale Musica 2011

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Steve Reich : Drumming

Steve Reich | Drumming | Ictus (A Cyprès CD, 2002)

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Georges Aperghis : Avis de Tempête [remastering]

Full version (2005) remastered in 2019

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Vortex Temporum

Choreography : Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | Music : Vortex Temporum, Gérard Grisey (1996)

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Wir Irren [Jean-Luc Fafchamps & Torfs, Lierman, Beethoven]

After Beethoven's last riddle canon

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Emmanuel Nunes : Nachtmusik

Version with electronics, 1978

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Georges Aperghis : Die Hamletmaschine-Oratorio

A Cyprès CD, 2006. After Heiner Müller.

LIVER [teaser]

Premiere: 4.5.6 December, 2020, Athens

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Magnus Lindberg : Chamber Music

Magnus Lindberg : Clarinet Quintet (1992) | Related Rocks (1997) A Megadisc CD, 2000

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Invisible Mother (with Aka Moon)

Ictus & Aka Moon perform Fabrizio Cassol. A Carbon 7 CD, 1999.

Liesa Van der Aa & Tom Pauwels

American Lament (Studio Version) as premiered in La Muse en Circuit, Paris

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Terry Riley : In C

Ictus live in Chapelle des Brigittines, with Blindman Kwartet A Cyprès CD (CYP 5601)


« The Lost Groom », an opera by Klaus Lang and Paul Esterhazy

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Ictus live : Ligeti

Ictus plays Ligeti : Kammerkonzert, movement IV in Antwerpen, deSingel, 2002. G-E Octors, conductor

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What the body does not remember [Vandekeybus]

Vandekeybus | De Mey | Vermeersch

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Christophe Guiraud : Le déchirèrent, [...]

Liquid Room V, Subtilior, Kaaitheater, Brussels, March 23rd, 2014

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Oscar Bianchi : Matra

Matra, a cantata written by Oscar Bianchi. Neuvocalsolisten, Ictus, Georges-Elie Octors. A Cyprès online release.

George Antheil : Ballet Mécanique

1924. Edited version. MIDI files and recommendations by Paul Lehrman. Opéra de Lille, December 2012, Georges-Elie Octors (cond.)

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PROFESSOR (Maud Le Pladec / Fausto Romitelli _ with live music)

Maud Le Placec & Ictus in Marseille, May 2012. Festival Les Musiques.

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Michael Levinas : Les Désinences

for piano and electronic keyboards, 2014

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Steve Reich : Music for 18 Musicians

live in Rouen (5 first minutes)

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François Sarhan : L'Nfer, un petit détail

3 excerpts from "L'Nfer, un petit détail" (CD "Pop Up", MFA 2012)

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Für kommende Zeiten

Karlheinz Stockhausen : Für kommende Zeiten (For Times to Come), 1969. Duration: 10'

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Fafchamps : Yz3z2z1s2, A Five-Letter Sufi Word

a SubRosa CD

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Thierry De Mey : Kinok

Megadisc Classics, 1995 Kinok, Unknowness, Violin Concerto, Amor Constante

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Jean-Luc Fafchamps : KDGhZ2SA, a Six-letter Sufi Word

This SubRosa CD consists of 4 pieces for instrumental ensemble, an orchestral prologue and a final movement for ensemble and orchestra.

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for electric guitar, 2017

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Benoît Mernier : Les Idées Heureuses

CD Cyprès, 2002, various performers.

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Francesco Filidei : Ballata n.2

Live in Strasbourg, September22nd, 2012, Festival Musica

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Live : Mochizuki

Chimera + Wise Water, live in Köln WDR, january 19th, 2003.

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Ictus live : Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson, 4 short pieces, live in Opéra de Lille, 2006

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Liquid Room in MaerzMusik, 20 March 2015

Opening concert of MaerzMusik (Festival for Time Issues), Berlin

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Combier / Sebald : Austerlitz (trailer)

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Ictus live : Cédric Dambrain

Ictus concert in Kaaitheater, 2009

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Donaueschingen 2017

Ictus Ensemble plays Verunelli, Saunders, Eimermacher, Schüttler. October 2017. Duration : 80'

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Darker Than Black

Between contemporary and Elisabethan repertoires. Eva Reiter, Tom Pauwels, Theresa Dlouhy.

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Grisey : VORTEX TEMPORUM I [studio version]

for piano and five instruments

1 video


in MoMA, NYC

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Béla Bartók : Sonata for two pianos and two percussions (live!)

(Sz. 110), live in Kaaitheater, Ictus Ensemble, January 29th, 1994

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Liquid Room VIII: Phrases (teaser)

Humans, animals & cyborgs.

1 video

Helmut Oehring | Iris Ter Schiphorst : Prae Senz

Oehring/Ter Schiphorst : Prae Senz, Ballet Blanc II

RAIN : the movie

The filmmakers Olivia Rochette and G-J Claes followed the rehearsal process of RAIN with the renowned Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris.

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With Amir ElSaffar

Interstices, for ensemble, Royaumont 2017

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Iannis Xenakis : Ikhoor

Xenakis string trio, live in Biennale di Venezia, 2011

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Igor Stravinsky : Les Noces (live !)

Leuven, 2000, conducted by Jame Wood

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Brice Pauset : Perspectivæ Sintagma I

for piano and live electronics (1997) from the recording of the first performance. Ictus, Donaueschingen, 1997.

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Younghi-Pagh-Paan : Bidan-Sil

for oboe and ensemble, 1994

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Magnus Lindberg : Corrente (live, 1998)

live in deSingel

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Related Rocks (Magnus Lindberg)

live ! (Avignon, summer 2000)

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James Dillon : The Leuven Tryptich (2009, live)

Live in Leuven (Transit Festival)

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HAPPY END (Aperghis / Op de Beeck)

Composition: Georges Aperghis Animation film: Hans Op de Beeck, Bruno Hardt, Klaas Verpoest

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Luca Francesconi

Luca Francesconi : ensemble and soloist music, Megadisc, 1998

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Martin Matalon : ... de tiempo y de arena

Universal, 2003 Various performers.

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