GAME in Q-O2 on March 11th

GAME premieres works by Maté Zsigeti, Alexander Glyde-Bates and Ben Jameson, all PhD students of composers Michael Finnissy, Ben Oliver and Matthew Shlomowitz at the University of Southampton (U.K.). A concert in the presence of the composers ! For the occasion GAME - The Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble - features Yukari Uekawa (saxophone), Tomonori Takeda (clarinet), Camille Guénot (flute), Maria-José Jeannin (harp) and Adam Rosenblatt(percussion). In the first half of the concert, MaCaDaM will be bringing work by Michèle Rusconi. MaCaDam are made up of Camille Guénot, Maria-José Jeannin and Adam Rosenblatt.
Free Entrance ! More info here

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Yukari Uekawa ,Tomonori Takeda ,Camille Guénot ,Maria-José Jeannin & Adam Rosenblatt