Anna Mendelssohn


Anna Mendelssohn (born 1976 in Vienna) studied acting in Great Britain.
Since 2004 she is ensemble member of the company toxic dreams and has performed in over 30 of their productions.
She has performed with a number of other choreographers and directors (such as Mara Mattuschka, Anna Maria Nowak, Superamas, André Turnheim, Oleg Soulimenko, David Mayaan,…), acted in films (of Miriam Bajtala, Michaela Schwentner, Thomas Marschall) and works as a voice-over actress.
In her own performance pieces (Cry Me A River, Here and Now, What?, Feminism and the Bauchgefühl, Amazon – River Deep, Free Speech? !,…) her special interest lies in a conscious, emotional, analytical exploration of language and a close listening to the forces and mechanisms of it’s employment in social and political contexts.


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