Two new members : Tom De Cock & Eva Reiter

The permanent Ictus team is delighted to welcome two new members.
It is our pleasure to present Tom De Cock (percussion) and Eva Reiter (Paetzold flute and viola da gamba).

33-year-old TOM DE COCK is joining Miquel Bernat and Gerrit Nulens in the percussion section. Georges-Elie Octors bit us with the percussion bug, so what can we do about it? But Tom is not a drummer. He is something else. I am sorely tempted to speak of a “spiritual presence”. Well, I can resist anything but temptation!

EVA REITER boasts a whole variety of skills: she plays the Paetzold contrabass recorder (the “Paetzold flute”), the viola da gamba (she is best-placed to interpret the music of Dowland and Purcell), works wonders with a laptop and her voice —and, last but not least, she is also a magnificent composer.

Welcome to our two new friends.

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