Mooni Van Tichel


Mooni Van Tichel is a dancer, performer and maker based in Brussels. She found her way into dance through hiphop and breaking, dancing with her crew and soaking up as many elements of the dance and the culture as possible, always strongly in touch with the social aspect of dance. She later discovered contemporary dance, which eventually led her to P.A.R.T.S., where she completed both the Training and the Studios cycle.

Currently, she wants to continue developing her role as performer as well as her own work. In creating performance, Mooni looks for reasons to move through restrictive and difficult tasks or frameworks, trying to find a way to reach a high specificity in movement and in quality. Starting from movement and connection to music, she then allows other images and concepts to seep in. A level of complexity and intensity as well as enjoyment of movement and the specific relation of the performer to her (female) body are currently important for her.

She has performed her own work in Tanzwerkstatt (2018), Open Your Mind (2019), Deweer Gallery (2021). For her solo, she recently received the ‘De Troffel’ grant from Festival Cement, to help develop her work further.

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