Call For Audition to the Advanced Master in Contemporary Music

The School of Arts Ghent launches a call for candidates to apply for the Advanced Master in Contemporary Music. This is a two year programme focussing on contemporary solo and chamber music under the tutelage of the ensembles Ictus and Spectra.
Musicians who choose the module ‘contemporary music’ will work on music from the 20th and 21st century, in various formations. You will specialize in the study and performance of ‘classical’ works from this period. All the while, you will also play an active role in the creation of new work of both young as well as established modern composers. Musicians from the contemporary music ensembles Ictus and SPECTRA will coach you in the process of developing an artistic project that points out the core of your musical personality.
Read more about the programme (Module A) here
Procedure of Enrolment here